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The appeal of natural cleft bluestone is that your patio will feature a more natural appearance. This is largely due to the fact that this type of bluestone is known for actually revealing the natural texture of the stone.

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Many homeowners enjoy the overall effect of tumbled bluestone. After careful processing, the stone is recognized by its softened edges and smooth surface. This particular type of paver is, as in the case of thermal bluestone, uniformly thick which makes it easy to work with. The stone tends to be smaller than natural cleft bluestone, which offers homeowners versatility in the patterns that they choose to create in the layout of their patios and other surfaces.

Irregular bluestone allows homeowners to get extremely creative when designing a home patio surface. This type of stone is comprised of broken pieces of bluestone, just as they were created during the quarrying process. This allows homeowners to manipulate each stone to construct a one-of-a-kind patio.

Being rather flexible in nature, bluestone can be cut into finer shapes like a rectangle or a square. It can also be used with free-form shapes or uneven edges to give off a more natural-looking appearance. Bluestone blocks are much easier to work with as the uneven designs might give you more creativity!

Bluestone is porous which enables it to bear and hold water for a long time; however, if not sealed the appearance will be affected. Sealing the bluestone will prevent it from getting damaged in heavy foot traffic areas, scratches, stains, dirt etc. It is very important to be careful with this while you lay bluestone.

Bluestone is a common type of sedimentary rock, meaning the stone is formed from deposits accumulated on the Earth's surface. Bluestone is used for construction. There are two varieties: Pennsylvania and Shenandoah bluestone. Pennsylvania bluestone, which is a sandstone, is a type of sedimentary rock made of sand-sized grains. Shenandoah bluestone, which is a limestone, is also a type of sedimentary rock, but it's made mostly of calcium carbonate.

In 1938, artist Harvey Fite acquired a deserted bluestone quarry in the town of Saugerties, NY. Over the next 37 years, he created a giant sculpture garden, now known as Opus 40, from the stone. Today, locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting the park.

Bluestone is still one of the most popular choices of landscape material for private homes and commercial applications alike. Bluestone's color and variety of forms, from crushed bluestone to flagstone pavers make it one of the most versatle of landscaping materials. Bluestone is a superb decorative gravel and decorative stone - you can use it for your crushed rock patio or a crushed rock path; use the cut dimensional stone in patios and walkways and as a decorative stone or landscape rocks in your garden.

If you have any questions about prices or design ideas feel free to get in touch with our team. As one of the leading suppliers of bluestone pavers in Melbourne and Geelong, we want to ensure our customers find the perfect product for their project.

Bluestone is a great investment as it can last many years. For a natural stone, bluestone is incredibly strong. It is considered to be of high density and can withstand the harsh summer and cold winters, even the extreme temperature fluctuations that Melbourne is so well-known for. Bluestone is also a natural material and will add some excellent earthy tones and elements to your landscape. Given its organic composite and affordable prices, it is also known for adding a touch of richness to the environment with its deep alluring colours ranging from blue to grey and purple.

Once aplenty in the suburbs of Victoria, bluestone was the choice building material of the majority of projects being built in Melbourne. Many historically significant buildings in Melbourne were built using this distinctive basalt, a natural stone material formed by volcanic activity. Today, many of the original streets and laneways are still covered in bluestone, sourced locally from our very own Victorian and overseas quarries. Incorporate a piece of historic and culturally meaningful stone into your own Melbourne and Geelong homes with quality bluestone for sale at RMS Traders. We are the trusted suppliers for natural stones at affordable prices and will help ensure the stone pavers you buy are consistent in aesthetic and finish. 041b061a72


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