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Tafseer Roohul Maani Urdu PDF 322

Tafseer Roohul Maani is one of the most famous and comprehensive tafseers (exegeses) of the Quran, written by Imam Mahmood Shukri Al-Alusi Al-Baghdadi (1802-1854), a renowned scholar of the Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah. The tafseer is based on the principles of tafsir al-ma'thur (narrated exegesis) and tafsir al-ishari (allegorical exegesis), and covers various aspects of the Quranic sciences, such as the history of revelation, the reasons of revelation, the abrogation and specification of verses, the linguistic and rhetorical analysis of words and sentences, the grammatical and syntactical explanation of expressions, the derivation and explanation of juristic rulings, the refutation of deviant sects and groups, the clarification of ambiguous and obscure verses, the reconciliation of apparent contradictions and discrepancies, the elucidation of parables and metaphors, the extraction of moral lessons and spiritual insights, and the presentation of various opinions and interpretations of the classical scholars.


The tafseer consists of 30 volumes, corresponding to the 30 parts (juz) of the Quran. Each volume contains an introduction, a summary, a commentary, and a conclusion. The tafseer is written in a clear and eloquent style, with frequent quotations from the Quran, the Sunnah, the companions, the tabi'een (successors), and the salaf (pious predecessors). The tafseer also contains many references to other sources of knowledge, such as history, geography, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, logic, poetry, literature, and linguistics. The tafseer is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Islamic scholarship and a treasure of knowledge for Muslims.

The PDF version of Tafseer Roohul Maani in Urdu is available online for free download from various websites. One such website is [], which hosts several editions of the tafseer in different formats. The PDF file for volume 22 (juz 22), which covers Surah Al-Ahzab (chapter 33) to Surah Saba (chapter 34), can be accessed from [this link]. The file size is 322 MB and contains 1040 pages. The PDF file has been scanned from a printed copy and has a high resolution and quality. The PDF file can be viewed online or downloaded to any device that supports PDF viewing.

Tafseer Roohul Maani Urdu PDF 322 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to study and understand the Quran in depth and detail. The tafseer provides a comprehensive and authentic explanation of the Quranic verses, based on the sound methodology of the Quran and Sunnah. The tafseer also enriches the reader's knowledge and awareness of various fields of Islamic learning and human sciences. The tafseer is a source of guidance and inspiration for Muslims who seek to follow the Quran in their lives.


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