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Arlong Vs Luffy [TOP] Full Fight Tagalog Version

The villagers, stunned at the demolition of Arlong Park, wonder who had won the fight. Luffy rises from the wreckage, inquiring at the top of his lungs if Nami was his friend. Choking back tears, Nami answers powerfully: "Yes!". Realization finally dawns on the villagers that the tyrant of Cocoyasi Village had been defeated and Arlong Park had finally fallen. Amidst the emotional jubilation and reunion of the Straw Hats, the corrupt Marine Nezumi arrives. Scorning the Fish-Men for being defeated by "silly pirates", the Marine attempts to claim Arlong's bounty and riches, but is promptly walloped by Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Nami also joins in and thrashes Nezumi for what he did to Nojiko and the tangerine farm.

Arlong Vs Luffy Full Fight Tagalog Version

Luffy had appeared in magazines, Japanese television shows, manga etc. Luffy was the first manga character that had been on the cover in the Men's Non-No fashion magazine's 24-year history and his clothes were designed by Shinichi "Miter" Mita.[71] He also appeared in the cover of a famous fashion magazine, ELLE MEN together with Roronoa Zoro after the collaboration between One Piece and Gucci.[72] He had appeared in CGI in the semi-annual live-action television series Yo nimo Kimyō na Monogatari (Tales of the Unusual) for the celebration of the series's 25th anniversary. He appeared together with the Japanese actor and model Hiroshi Abe.[73] Costumed character version of Luffy together with Goku appeared at the 39th International Emmy Awards Gala in New York and they stood on stage for presentation of the Children & Young People Award, won by the Chilean Children's program Con Qué Sueñas? (What is your Dream?).[74] In the final chapter of Naruto, Boruto Uzumaki makes a drawing of Luffy as a legacy of him and the series.[75] In a Weekly Shonen Jump manga, Tsugihagi Hyouryuu Sakka (a character resembling Luffy) says, "Instead of saying what you hate, say what you like!". In the One Piece manga, Luffy cited but changed it to "Instead of saying what you like, say what you hate!" The meme was acknowledged in the crossover fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS.[76] Toei Animation sponsored the Italian Pallavolo Modena volleyball team in 2008; Pietro Rinaldi and Edoardo Ciabattini's black uniforms were decorated with an image of Luffy on the front.[77]

As Sanji tries to think of who might have a grudge against him, Duval fires poison spears at him and the others on the ship. Luffy then kicks Duval's mask off to reveal his face to everyone: he looks exactly like the ugly composite sketch from Sanji's Wanted poster! Duval explains that his life was ruined once Sanji earned his bounty, since he is now frequently mistaken for Sanji and unjustly arrested and beaten by the Marines, forcing him to flee to sea and become a criminal. As a result, Duval wants to kill him as well as the rest of the Straw Hats, since it's their fault that Sanji became a pirate in the first place. Sanji has no sympathy for Duval due to his hatred of the picture on the Wanted poster and angrily attacks him; however, a couple of the Fish Riders manage to trap Sanji in a steel net and drag him underwater to drown him. Camie dives in after them to rescue Sanji (since, as Pappagu reveals, mermaids are the world's fastest swimmers) while the rest of the Riders try to drop a giant anchor onto the Thousand Sunny to sink it. Luckily, Franky reveals more of Sunny's cool features by first putting the ship in reverse to dodge the anchor, then counterattacking by using its giant Gaon Cannon (to Luffy's absolute delight) to destroy the Riders' hideout. Duval tries to attack Luffy with Motobaro, but Luffy is able to intimidate the bull (using, unbeknownst to everyone, Conqueror's Haki as Shanks did in the beginning of the series) into quitting the attack. Sanji, who was successfully rescued by Camie, finishes the fight by rapid-kicking Duval in the face numerous times until he falls unconscious.


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