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Triple Nine

Objective: To compare the clinical efficacy between Wei's triple nine needling combined with esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops and esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops alone for presbyopia complicated with visual fatigue of liver depression and spleen deficiency.

Triple Nine

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Methods: Forty-six cases (92 eyes) with presbyopia complicated with visual fatigue of liver depression and spleen deficiency were randomly divided into an observation group (23 cases) and a control group (23 cases, 2 cases dropped off). The cases in the observation group were treated with Wei's triple nine needling and esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops. The acupoints included Shangming (Extra), Chengqi (ST 1), Cuanzhu (BL 2) to Jingming (BL 1), Sizhukong (TE 23) to Taiyang (EX-HN 5), etc; the needling was given once every other day, three times a week, and the eye drops were given one drop each time, three times a day. The cases in the control group were only treated with the eye drops. Both groups were treated for 7 days as one course of treatment, and 2 courses of treatment were given. The visual fatigue core symptoms score, adjustment amplitude, adjustment lag and best average corrected visual acuity were observed in the two groups before treatment, 1 week and 2 weeks into treatment, respectively.

Conclusion: Wei's triple nine needling combined with esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops could improve the visual fatigue and eye regulation ability in patients with presbyopia complicated with visual fatigue of liver depression and spleen deficiency, and the effect is better than esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops alone.

Keywords: Wei's triple nine needling; acupuncture therapy; adjust lag; adjustment amplitude; esculin and digitalis glycosides eye drops; presbyopia complicated with visual fatigue, liver depression and spleen deficiency; visual acuity.

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