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Demoralise [PATCHED]

The Supreme Court on Monday said it does not want to demoralise high courts as they are vital pillars of democracy, and observed that critical remarks like those made by the Madras High Court against the Election Commission are often made in an open dialogue between the bar and the bench.


"Everybody remembers the statements of Rahul Gandhi and his party during the February 2019 Balakot airstrike and September 2016 surgical strike. Whenever it comes to the nation's security, they have to comment something and bring down the Army's morale," MoS Bhatt said adding that "our country functions on the principle of 'don't punish the innocent, don't spare the guilty' (nirdosh ko chhedo nahi, doshi ko chhodo nahi)"."Nobody takes him seriously because he speaks without thinking and that is the only reason now the world has also started to ignore him," he added.Further in the conversation, he termed the opposition "childish" for giving "irresponsible" statements. The BJP today hit out at Rahul Gandhi for his remarks and said that the Congress should immediately expel him from the party.BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia addressing a press conference in New Delhi said, "Being an Indian, Bharatiya Janata Party is proud of the Indian Army, we are proud of our Army."The soldiers who are beating the Chinese army on the border, are showing their strength. Why is 'Jaichand' Rahul Gandhi doing the work of breaking the morale of our army?" he added.BJP President JP Nadda also condemned Rahul Gandhi's remarks mentioning, "Rahul Gandhi's statement works to demoralise our Army; no matter how much it is condemned, it is less. The Indian Army is a symbol of bravery and valour. We know that the Communist Party of China had signed an MoU with the Congress party." (ANI)

Discussion and conclusions: While basic checks on minimum standards will always be necessary, service excellence requires not audit but research-driven evaluation. Audits inhibit rather than open-up debate about improving support to people with ID. They impose an ideology, squander resource, and demoralise carers and staff. Evaluations challenge the implicit management-versus-professional binary enacted by audit, and can inform new care systems which make effective use of all those engaged with people with ID.

The African National Congress Youth League welcomes Team South Africa from the IAAF World Championships back to South Africa. We find it suitable to celebrate our athletes for representing our country in an excellent and inspirational way. We are proud of Mbulaeni Mulaudzi, Khotso Mokoena and most importantly Mokgadi Caster Semenya for sterling performance despite attempts to demoralise and humiliate Team SA at the World Championships. We would also want to say thank you to all athletes for representing South Africa at the World Championships.

In its response (pdf), the Greek government - predictably - denies any involvement in pushbacks, instead pointing to attempts by smugglers to "harm and demoralise" the Greek border authorities, and rebuffs the Commissioner's other claims. 041b061a72


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