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Soukou No Strain

Synopsis :Ralph Werec is an ace "Reasoner" in the Military, with almost legendary skills in piloting the Strain-Type machine. When he was called to duty 130 light years away, he had to leave behind his younger sister, Sara Werec. Determined to meet her brother again, Sara trains hard and aspires to follow the footsteps of her brother by becoming a reasoner herself. Tragedy strikes when the training institute she was in came under attack by an enemy suit and several TUMORS. Attempting to fight back with several of her friends, she realised that they were outclassed by the lone enemy suit, resulting in her being the only survivor amongst her group of friends. She was dealt another blow after the pilot of the enemy suit was revealed - Ralph Werec.With her strain destroyed, Sara has to work her way up from the lower ranks in order to face her brother again and find out the reasons behind his actions. Not being much of a mecha fan, I decided give this series a try. Surprisingly, the animation is fluid and scenes are relatively well drawn, with just the right mix of CGI used during the battles. The soundtrack is rather decent, suiting the different scenes relatively well. To be honest, what spurred me to begin watching initially was the pleasant discovery that Ayako Kawasumi (seiyuu of Saber from Fate Stay Night more) was voicing the main character, and that several other of my favourite seiyuus were involved in some way or another. Gradually, I was caught up in the interesting, albeit slightly predictable storyline. The characters were played rather well, with the seiyuus managing to bring out the emotions of the characters appropriately. I couldn't help sympathising with Sara after all she's been through. All in all, a delightful series to follow. (^_^)b(p.s Hmmm . . . wonder what CTRL-A might do to the previous entry . . . )

Soukou no Strain



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