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Dual-Boot Windows and Mac OS X with Chameleon Bootloader: A Step-by-Step Guide

I am triple booting (XP, OS X, MediaDirect) in my dell 1525 with chameleonbootloader RC2, its great but i dont want the dell utility partition to appearin the bootloader menu, is there any way to hide this partition?

chameleon bootloader windows free download

Flagged my Win 7 partition as active and then did the repair on Win 7. This put BOOTMGR on my Win 7 partition. I then used EasyBCDEDIT to edit the Win 7 bootloader and set Win 7 as the default OS with a timeout of 0. I then changed Vista back to the active partition, reinstalled chameleon and that seemed to boot without having to choose between Vista and Win 7 a second timet. Thanks for the help.

I have no version of windows installed at all. Just mac osx86 10.5.7.Previously it was just loading up, pretty much the same as a normal mac,so how do I now go back, undo whatever chameleon has done?Thanx

Installed the new chameleon, if I run windows it boots fine, but now if I try to boot OSX, it will get stuck on the screen with the apple, if I run with -v , it will be fine all the way up to a firewire error(which is normal) and then just stop. Any ideas?

I managed to get it accidently once before, but several installs later i cannot seem to get it to work and now bounce between chameleon and easybcd bootloaders with easyBCD taking priority. How do i set OSX to the active partition without slaying windows?

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