Political Ambition

          Though he is a son of an influential Congress leader, yet he has never seen the policy's activities or agendas merely as white and black. He remained commented and discussed unbiased, fair, and neutral over the political issues whether issues belonged to Congress or other parties. He always employed graceful & peaceful discussions at every viral or heated topic of time. Gradually Youth of Prithla constituency started admiring him. Moreover, his father (qualities) honesty, dare, and unbiased attitude had a lasting impact on his character.

He used to say:

     “Main to apne papa ke angad jiske aangan mein kah denge pair jama denge; Main to apne papa ka veer hanuman jiski lanka mein kah denge aag laga denge; Lekin galat nahi hone denge kisi ke sath”.

                                                                                                                                                             -by Sachin Bhati

Social Movement

At the age of 14; he has started holding and caring for his grain market business where he has gone through the plight of farmers from a very young age. Later, under the umbrella of ‘Varun Ek Goonj’, he had started a movement for upliftment of farmers. He raised his voice that why only “Karza Maafi” and MSP. He has a strong vision of upliftment of farmers and Awareness in youth for agriculture education, organic agriculture, and the online system of farming. For the above all he introduced the ‘JAI KISAN’ Movement.

-by Ayush Sahai