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Homeworld Remastered Launcher Not Responding

But as written in the WineHQ page the remastered singleplayer campaigns need to be started with some launch parameters either manually or through the launcher. But both result in an access violation error.

Homeworld Remastered Launcher Not Responding

So how did I get this to work? Do you really care at this point and out of sheer frustration you really just want to get on with the game? Well, I'm going to tell you anyways. I decided to download the Star Trek Continuum mod and install. The chaps that made this mod were nice enough to supply a launcher. But this launcher had a plethora of information that is used to launch the game. The key to this was realizing they were using the launcher in the BIN\RELEASE file. After seeing what all was added to the Star Trek Continuum launcher, I just mimicked the action basically in the new shortcut from the homeworldrm executable in the bin\release file and, well, hopefully for you too, you're in the middle of playing the mod as well!


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